RIM Resources Needed for University Instruction


This not ARMA Milwaukee business but I thought you all would be a good resource to turn to. This coming semester, I am teaching my records management course. For one of the assignments, I want my students to either attend an ARMA chapter event or watch a RIM-related webinar. Because this class is offered online, I cannot require my students to attend an chapter event because of schedule conflicts or because they may not have easy access to a chapter. Therefore, I am expanding this assignment to include webinars.

Aside from the handful of webinars that ARMA puts on as part of its iMaster’s series and those offered by AIIM, I am wondering if you any of you have any other suggestions or resources to where I could point my students? Do you know of any other organizations (or even companies) that regularly put on RIM-related webinars?

Please email me directly, force@uwm.edu, with any suggestions.  If a list builds, I will be more than happy to share it with everyone.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Donald C. Force, PhD

Assistant Professor
School of Information Studies
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Office: NWQ 3495
Phone: (414) 229-2792

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