Understanding The Information Strategist

Each association and group has a body of knowledge and a specific profession, that leverages enterprise information, and focuses on that specific profession (e.g. Records Managers are served by ARMA, ECM is served by AIIM, Privacy Professionals by IAPP, etc.).

The world of associations and groups that serve the enterprise information sector currently looks something like this:

Information Governance: The New Competitive Advantage

Information governance is a term that has been bandied about for some time now. However, as an action item for a CIO, until recently, it remained near the bottom of the list. This view has slowly been shifting as companies are achieving information governance success and using it as competitive advantage.

Data governance in a gig economy

Data governance is no longer an option for data-led businesses seeking to thrive in the gig economy Everyone knows (or at least they should) that data is an important asset for businesses. However, the business world is in a state of flux in a few different ways. One such change is the “gig economy.”

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