Spring Seminar

Spring Seminar-Mania is a collaboration between 12 ARMA chapters to provide 12, free, virtual education sessions in April and May.  There is a vacation theme where you’re urged to travel the country safely by attending meetings.  Every time you attend a meeting you’ll get your ARMA passport stamped which puts your name into a drawing for some fantastic prizes at the end of the event.  The more meetings you attend, the greater  your chances of winning !

Click the following link to see April and May’s offerings:  Spring Seminar-Mania 2021 

Six events are in April and six are in May.  Registration links are embedded into the materials so, when you’re looking at a meeting for Twin Cities or for Northeast Ohio, the link to register will be right there for you. Registration for the Milwaukee meeting will be on this site as per usual. 

April 2021

April 15th Twin Cities- Eric Parish presents The Impact of Emoji in Workplace Communications





April 14th – Detroit –Ann K. Snyder presents, “Reducing the Costs & Mitigating the Risks of E-Discovery through Better IG” 






April 15th – Indiana – Twila Kaye presents, “Color Code: Secret to Communication, Collaboration and Cohesion Every Time”    



April 20th – Madison – Tom Moen presents, “M365 & Me – Microsoft Talks O365 and RIM” 





April 21st – Lexington – Samantha Lofton Moss presents, “IG: Post Pandemic Challenges & Opportunities” 





April 22nd – Louisville – Rae Lynn Haliday presents, “The ICRM Goes Virtual” 






May 2021

May 11th – Central Illinois – Sue Trombley presents, “Sustainability, the 9th Principle” 






May 12th – Kansas City – “Visions of the Future” panel discussion featuring Laurie Fischer, Nick Inglis and Tim McMahon 





May 13th – Northeast Ohio – Kurt Thies presents, “Demystifying RIM Digital Transformation” 






May 18th – Mid-Michigan – Jennifer Silveus presents, “Defensible Disposition: 






May 19th – Western Michigan – Chris Hockey presents, “Where is Everything? Building an IG Program, with Little to Start” 





May 20th – Milwaukee – Laurie Carpenter presents, “From Cartographer to CRM” 







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