Winter Speaker Series

I hope you are surviving some of the coldest weather so far this year!   

I am pleased to announce the final session in our Winter Series of programs. The Winter Series is our slate of programming over the course of the coldest months Wisconsin has to offer. This year’s theme is related to your Information Governance journey for all facets of your career.    

Regardless of whether you are just starting out in Information Governance or are a seasoned professional, join us as we dash through the digital winter wonderland to expand your IG skills, further your program, and increase your knowledge to explore the many paths in your Information Governance career.   

The final stop in our series is in March and will be presented by Deborah Robbins, who will present on gaining buy-in for your Records Management Program. 

About Intentional RIM – Gaining Buy-in for your Records Management Program 

Soft skills is one of the most neglected areas in our profession. With Deborah’s background in teaching and coaching at a high level, she will provide a unique, practical approach with proven effectiveness. 

The goal for this session is to have attendees better understand how to get stakeholders involved in their processes and tools; gain an actual step-by-step method for improved compliance; and learn skills to develop IIM heroes in their organization. This story focuses on identifying and overcoming barriers to buy-in. Emphasis in on people, rather than the process and the tools. 

This presentation will include: 

Understanding the importance of buy-in for a successful RIM program 

The Three A’s of enhanced compliance 

Developing an ongoing cadence with all aspects of Information Governance to insure sustainable compliance 



Deborah Robbins:

Deborah Robbins, CRM, CIP Chair, ICRM Mentoring Committee – Milwaukee ARMA CRA/CRM Study Group Leader has over eighteen years of experience in the Records and Information Governance field, in city and county governments, legal, finance, education, utilities, and private sectors. She has been involved in two ARMA local leadership boards, and currently serves on the ICRM Mentoring Committee as Chairman. She has served as a speaker on topics such as data mapping, gaining compliance with RIM programs, professional growth, change management, and business continuity and disaster recovery. 


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