2023 ARMA Milwaukee Programs

Look back on the events and programs held in 2023.  Click on the name of the event below to read more

January - David Drever- Modernizing Your Data Retention

January 17, 2023  Part 2 of the Winter Series – David Drever 

Historically, data retention in an environment has been based mainly on two key pieces of data: when the document was created or when the document was last modified. More recently, retention policies have also been controlled based on the content of the data, but again determining disposition goes
back to created or last modified dates. 
Perhaps you would like more options for controlling document retention. Maybe project documents that are retained based on the project end date make more sense to your organization. In this session, we will illustrate how you can go beyond the basic created or modified dates of data to controlling
retention based on events that occur. No longer do you need to be constrained to a few pieces of metadata for determining the data retention policies of your content.

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February - Teresa Drabenstadt -IG + IT = ❤️? (OR 😡?)

Part  3 of the Winter Series – February – Teresa Drabenstadt -IG + IT = ❤️? (OR 😡?)

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March - Chris Perkens- Every Dragon has a Name: Information Recording for Dungeons & Dragons

March 29, 2023 – Chris Perkins  – Every Dragon has a Name: Information Recording for Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons, arguably the world’s greatest roleplaying game, celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024. D&D has multiple editions and millions of fans worldwide. More words have been published for D&D than Star Wars, Star Trek, and Middle Earth combined. How does one keep track of everything that has been created for a game with a 50-year legacy?

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April - Eliz Greene - Active Recovery for Unavoidable Stress

April 12, 2023  Eliz Greene – Active Recovery for Unavoidable Stress

About the Program: Hectic pace, chronic high-stress, uncertainty, and unavoidable negative influences can threaten productivity, creativity, and suck the fun out of even the most enjoyable professions. Based on her book Stress-Proof Your Life and research on job stress, professional speaker, Eliz Greene shares insights and strategies to limit the impact of stress to improve performance and quality of life.  This program, created specifically for high-performance teams in high pressure occupations as part of Eliz Greene’s work with NASA, encourages active stress recovery similar to active physical recovery used by high-performance athletes. It includes 5 essential skills to:

  • Notice and address symptoms of high stress
  • Decompress from pressure and stress you can’t avoid
  • Signal your body to release cortisol to protect your health, performance, and quality of life
  • Change the focus from problem solving to achievement
  • Find the motivation to make a change

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April & May - Spring Seminar Mania III

A practical, sustainable, and boundaryless way for all of us to join together for our common interests, participate in educational sessions, and network with colleagues from all over the country.
13 ARMA Chapters have partnered to provide 13 educational sessions during the months of April and May.

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2022 ARMA Milwaukee Programs

Look back on the events and programs held in 2022.  Click on the name of the event below to read more

March - Mark Diamond- Launching an Information Governance Program

March 9, 2022 – Mark Diamond- Launching an Information Governance Program

Effective Information Governance programs can be a tremendous boon for organizations, reducing risks and costs while increasing productivity. Yet launching and running an enterprise-wide program that pulls together multiple stakeholders, integrates policies and technologies and is actually followed by employees – all while avoiding getting stuck – can be hard. Some have compared launching a successful program akin to a moonshot, an endeavor fraught with hurdles and risks. Yet in the same way the Apollo space program succeeding in large part because of approach and attitude, so can Information Governance program also benefit from a similar “get it done” mindset. This presentation will review the most common hurdles and pitfalls and Information Governance, and how an effective approach can anticipate and overcome them. The Apollo space program demonstrated that while technology is important, ultimate success is driven by approach and attitude. Make your Information Governance moonshot.

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April & May - Spring Seminar Mania II

Spring Seminar 2022:

This two month event will follow last years’ collaborative format of incorporating events from multi-chapters around the country !  It will also be free of charge and thanks to our generous sponsors, door prizes will be awarded at the end of the event.  Be sure to attend as many as possible to “stamp your passport” and increase your odds of winning. 

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October - Mark Diamond- Landing Your Information Governance Program on Mars

October 6, 2022 – Mark Diamond- Landing Your Information Governance Program on Mars  

 Information Governance has never been easy, and now with a host of new requirements from privacy to information security, running a successful program can be likened to landing a rover on Mars.  It’s not easy, the failure rate is pretty high, but with the right approach, it can definitely be done.  In this discussion, lessons learned from remote space exploration and apply these to Information Governance.  Like landing on Mars, it’s not easy but with perseverance you can get there. 

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November - Omero Banuelos & Brian Nowak How Privacy Laws Impact Your Retention Schedule

November 16, 2022 –  Omero Banuelos & Brian Nowak   How Privacy Laws Impact Your Retention Schedule  

Learn how to utilize your retention schedule as a tool to develop your privacy program 

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December - David Drever - Records 101 Building Your RIM Foundation

The first in the Winter Series.  Records management is becoming more and more critical. Many organizations are beginning to understand that records management is more than just preserving or disposing of your data. It’s also about categorizing it. As more and more organizations move away from paper documents to purely electronic storage, organizations need to categorize and control how their data is maintained in nontraditional storage.
In this session, we’ll cover the basics of records management. What is records management, WHY is it essential, WHO needs to be involved, WHEN should it be considered, WHERE it occurs, and finally, HOW can it be accomplished in Microsoft 365.

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2021 ARMA Milwaukee Programs

Look back on the events and programs held in 2021.  Click on the name of the event below to read more

January - John Spencer – No Reflection, No Growth

January 20, 2021 – John Spencer – No Reflection, No Growth   

Gaining wisdom from experience requires reflection. From collaborating effectively to growing as a leader, self-reflection is the path forward.  While we all wish there was a fast lane, it truly takes time (and discipline, and mental and emotional willpower). Self-reflection and its reward of self-awareness cannot be thought of as a passive exercise. Learn how self-reflection is your path forward to collaborating successfully and to growing as a leader. And, while there is no fast lane, there is a lane and self-reflection is the fuel to get you headed in the right direction.

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March - Deborah Robbins- Intentional RIM – Gaining Buy-in for your Records Management Program

March 4, 2021 – Deborah Robbins- Intentional RIM – Gaining Buy-in for your Records Management Program    

Soft skills is one of the most neglected areas in our profession. With Deborah’s background in teaching and coaching at a high level, she will provide a unique, practical approach with proven effectiveness. 

The goal for this session is to have attendees better understand how to get stakeholders involved in their processes and tools; gain an actual step-by-step method for improved compliance; and learn skills to develop IIM heroes in their organization. This story focuses on identifying and overcoming barriers to buy-in. Emphasis in on people, rather than the process and the tools.

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April & May - Spring Seminar Mania

Spring Seminar-Mania is a collaboration between 12 ARMA chapters to provide 12, free, virtual education sessions in April and May.  There is a vacation theme where you’re urged to travel the country safely by attending meetings.  Every time you attend a meeting you’ll get your ARMA passport stamped which puts your name into a drawing for some fantastic prizes at the end of the event.  The more meetings you attend, the greater  your chances of winning !

Click the following link to see April and May’s offerings:  Spring Seminar-Mania 2021 

November - Andrew Ysasi- Writing A Great IG Resume !

November 21, 2021 – Andrew Ysasi- Writing A Great IG Resume !   

Writing a resume can help you land one next significant role. Information Governance related positions are some of the most rewarding and competitive in the industry. So how does one distinguish themselves from other candidates? Do photos on resumes matter? How can one improve being found? Do colors matter?   Register for this event to find out!

Andrew has participated in’s Resume Makeover Series since 2016 and can help one understand how to position themselves for the next role.

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2020 - ARMA Milwaukee Programs

Look back on the events and programs held in 2020.  Click on the name of the event below to read more

January - Sara Sargent – CCPA: California Consumer Privacy Act


February - Laurie Fischer – Data Mapping

This meeting will cover data mapping as a means by which information is cross referenced between data sets and is used to locate and retrieve information. Join discussions as to why data mapping is an important tool for your organization and how it can be utilized when electronic information is housed in various repositories. Data mapping is a natural discussion progression from last month’s meeting and how to make your organization ready for CCPA compliance!     Click to read more

March - Anne Mills – Mars Needs Records Managers Too

March 12, 2020

Presentation by Anne Mills, Records Manager and History Officer at the NASA Glenn Research Center. Anne serves as the Records Manager and History Officer at NASA and has 16 years of government service – 14 with NASA and 1 with the National Archives and Records Administration.  In 2012 she was profiled as part of the Women@NASA initiative and is a former board member of the National Association of Government Archivists and Records Administrators. 

In this session, Anne will discuss some of the unique records management challenges in a science and engineering environment and some of the creative ways they promote awareness.  There will be real life examples of how she is able to convince people that records management is not only in their best interest, but a fun group they’ll want to work with. This session will highlight the creative ways that records management impacts everyone.

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May - Beth Hynes and Brent Gatewood – Leveraging Remote Reality

May 7, 2020

With most states still on lock-down, Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on our lives like nothing we have ever seen before.  While many professionals are adjusting to new work-from-home realities, others are being furloughed and it’s all happening against a backdrop of economic uncertainty.  Choosing how to react to this new remote-reality could be key to your future but, what kinds of things should you be thinking about?  What are those opportunities to be taken advantage of and where can you find them?  

Join the Managing Director of Vision Search, Beth Hynes, CRM, IGP and the Chief Technology Officer and Technologist for consultIG, Brent Gatewood, MBA, CRM, for a joint ARMA Milwaukee and AIIM Wisconsin sponsored event, as they discuss things you should be thinking about as well as ways to utilize the current environment to your advantage. Join us for a discussion about how to best utilize the remote digital environment to your advantage.

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May - Spring Seminar

May 18, 2020 – Twila Kaye – Transforming Customer Experience in the Digital Age          

Join Twila Kaye for implementation of new business approaches to leverage human intelligence and AI.

May 19, 2020 – Lewis Eisen – Improving Employee Buy-In to IM Policies              

Lewis Eisen will discuss how to draft policies, directives, and guidelines that are clear, concise, and respectful.

May 20, 2020 – Laurie Fischer – Office365 and the Role of Teams

Laurie Fischer describes O365 components with focus on management of Microsoft Teams records.

May 22, 2020 – Twila Kaye – Your Color Code and Why it Matters

Learn the 4 personality types, identify them and utilize them to communicate more effectively.

June - Tom Schulte – Effective Communication for the Introverted Records Manager

June 24, 2020 – Tom Schulte – Effective Communication for the Introverted Records Manager              

Explore the challenges involved with every aspect of the communication process and learn tips and techniques to effectively overcome those challenges and become a skilled communicator in every situation.

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September - John Spencer – Go from Good to Great, From Great to Exceptional! It’s All About The Soft Skills

Soft Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Self-awareness, Asking for Feedback, Relationship Building, Personal Branding, Being a Trusted Adviser

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December - Andrew Ysasi – IG Skills for the 2020s

December 10, 2020  Andrew Ysasi – IG Skills for the 2020s               

The audience will explore some of the skills IG Professionals need to have and where to get these skills.  Topics such as data analytics, leadership, application development, privacy, and cybersecurity will be covered.

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