Recognizes organizations that have taken steps to support and advance the people, processes and technology needed to further the overall mission of RIM/IG within their industry.

This award is presented on an annual basis to honor organizations for their achievements in, and support of the Information Management community.

Nominations for the ARMA Milwaukee Innovation Award will be accepted via letter of recommendation during the time advertised by the ARMA Milwaukee Awards Committee. Winners will be selected by the Wisconsin RIM/IG Awards Body which is made up of individuals from ARMA Milwaukee’s Awards Committee, ARMA Madison, AIIM Wisconsin and other collaborating professional organizations and/or individuals as selected by the ARMA Milwaukee Awards Committee.

Letters recommending nominees can be sent to the attention of the ARMA Milwaukee Awards Committee at

Successful nominations should detail what makes the candidate qualified to receive the award while also offering evidence of or, the names and contact information of parties who can verify the achievements/contributions referenced.

Letters should include the following:

  • Name of the organization
  • Main contact person(s)
  • Address of the organization being nominated
  • Contact information for the individual making the submission on behalf of the organization will be required. (The committee considering the nomination may wish to reach out to the sponsor for clarification and/or more information.)

Winners will be notified in writing by the ARMA Milwaukee Awards Committee.

2022 RECIPIENT - MMSD Information Governance Team

2021 RECIPIENT - WE Energies

WE Energies Record Team (WEC Energy Group)



Rita Krause and Jean Van Sistine from N.E.W. Water with their 2020 Innovation Award.