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  • April 12, 2023
  • Wednesday, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

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Spring Seminar Mania III with Eliz Greene
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Spring Seminar Mania III with Eliz Greene


Wednesday, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
April 12, 2023


ARMA Milwaukee

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Spring Seminar Mania III with Eliz Greene


Wednesday, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
April 12, 2023


About Eliz-

Eliz Greene is ridiculously excited about stress. Eliz firmly believes she is responsible for showing others how to manage stress and find contentment. She is dedicated to leading others on a path to low stress and great success. Her research uncovered the secrets of how purpose-driven organizations create corporate cultures immune to overwhelm and uncertainty. She has led the national Speakers Association’s Academy for new speakers at both the national and chapter levels for more than a decade. She has been on several strategic task forces during times of transition and
has led two dynamic diversity groups within the organization. Learn more at: elizgreene.com

About the Program Active Recovery for Unavoidable Stress: High Performance Under Pressure-

Hectic pace, chronic high-stress, uncertainty, and unavoidable negative influences can threaten productivity, creativity, and suck the fun out of even the most enjoyable professions. Based on her
book Stress-Proof Your Life and research on job stress, professional speaker, Eliz Greene shares insights and strategies to limit the impact of stress to improve performance and quality of life.
This program, created specifically for high-performance teams in high pressure occupations as part of Eliz Greene’s work with NASA, encourages active stress recovery similar to active physical
recovery used by high-performance athletes.
It includes 5 essential skills to:

  • Notice and address symptoms of high stress
  • Decompress from pressure and stress you can’t avoid
  • Signal your body to release cortisol to protect your health, performance, and quality of life
  • Change the focus from problem solving to achievement
  • Find the motivation to make a change

Hear straight from Eliz about her program for ARMA Milwaukee (this is a Dropbox link to a video)

About Spring Seminar Mania III-

This year 13 ARMA Chapters have partnered to provide 13 educational sessions during the months of April and May. Our program participants span the country, from Alaska to the Triangle Raleigh Chapter, expanding our regional diversity far beyond the Midwest.

So, grab your virtual passports and get ready to visit some spectacular cities. Each time you attend a seminar your virtual passport is stamped. The more cities you visit the more passport stamps you get. The more passport stamps you get the more chances you have to win prizes during and at the end of the event.