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February 20, 2018










Insurance, Law and Government Compliance by Design and Information Governance

A panel will discuss how physical and electronic records and information governance fits into their organizations and how records decisions are made.

Steven Webber, Records Management Consultant, Northwestern Mutual

Steven Webber, Records Management Consultant, Northwestern Mutual








Carol Bannen, Director of Information Resources, Reinhart Boerner, Van Dueren, S.C.

Carol Bannen, Director of Information Resources, Reinhart Boerner, Van Dueren, S.C.











John Vanderleest, Brown County Clerk of Courts

John Vanderleest, Brown County Clerk of Court Via Skype in Green Bay at the Godfrey & Kahn Office


January 25, 2018          Annual ARMA and AIIM Social and Charity Event

Bryan Bastar – Named Account Executive – Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.
Jon Eynon – Vice President, U.S. Professional Services-Tab Products Co. LLC
Paul Fisher – President of AIIM Wisconsin
Valerie A. Sichi-Krygsman – Principal & Managing Member of Knowledge Sherpa LLC

This event help support “Variety” Children’s Charity that helps children with physical disabilities to reach their full potential by improving quality of life.

Bob Menefee of Variety shared a story about during his presentation about the little boy.  The pictures show the bicycle that Variety has been working on for Francis









November 29, 2107 at The Machine Shed

Speaker:  Tammy Goss – Manager – Records & Information WPPI Energy, Sun Prairie, WI

RIM as a Corporate Resource:  Audits, Archives and Added Value

In today’s business needs, RIM professionals are required to function as a critical corporate resource.  This involves becoming adept at identifying areas of opportunity, developing project management skills, and creating and using pedagogical tools.   This presentation and discussion will focus on how these topics are addressed at WPPI Energy, as well as give you tools to help identify and drive your own skills as a corporate resource.

September 26, 2017 at  The Bavarian Bierhaus

RIM Professionals & Their Relations with Other Professionals- A Panel Session

  • Brad Houston, City Records Officer for the City of Milwaukee, will explain how recent collaboration with the City’s archives program is contributing to the development of a newly established IG program.
  • Christine Matthies, Records Manager for West Bend Mutual, will discuss how her RIM program reaped the benefits when working closely with the organization’s Chief Legal Officer.
  • Richard Gureski, Central File Manager for Godfrey & Kahn, S.C., will explain how forging relationships with IT has improved RIM effectiveness within his firm


April 27, 2017  Joint ARMA Milwaukee/Madison Spring Seminar

  • John Hocheval- Information Security Officer at American Transmission Company with over 15 years of experience working in the IT security field.
  • David Meyer – over 20 years in all aspects of IT security.  Currently works at West Bend Mutual Insurance as Information Security Manager- Governance.  Previously worked as Senior Security Architect at Northwestern Mutual and Manager- Global IT Security at Johnson Controls.
  • James Arndt- Cybersecurity Engineer working in access management, vulnerability management, incident response, phishing analysis, and reverse engineering whatever malicious document/executable comes across his way.
  • Byron Franz- special agent with the FBI who has provided training to numerous organizations on information security risks.
  • Tammy Retzlaff- worked in the Information Technology space for over 25 years, 20 of them specializing in Information Security, specializing in PCI and SOX compliance, identity and access management, and security policy and governance.  




March 29, 2017

Joseph Suster is currently a senior records analyst and course instructor with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) – Chicago Office. He has worked for NARA since 1978, having 21 years of management experience in Federal records centers and an additional 18 years specifically working in records and information management. He has been a member of ARMA’s Chicago chapter since 1999, is currently the chapter secretary, and became a Certified Records Manager in 2000.  He presented an overview of what the National Archives does as well as what the current trends are with maintaining government records.  Click here for a link to his presentation.


January 18, 2017

Paul Fisher presented the benefits of AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) membership.  Here is a link to his presentation and AIIM Professionals.  Paul also talked about the Certified Information Professional Certificate that AIIM offers.  Here is an overview of the CIP Certificate and an Exam Outline.


November 15, 2016

Gordon E.J. Hoke, CRM, IGP, is an independent consultant and practitioner focusing on Information Governance.  Evolving from Content Management and Records Management to IG, he proffers a business point of view and a risk-based approach.

Gordy is well known for his writing – around 300 articles, white papers, case studies, and more.  His work has appeared in Information Management, Healthcare Informatics, and Metropolitan Corporate Counsel.  He has written white papers for IBM, Documentum, HP TRIM, and others.

Gordy is active in ARMA and AIIM, which gave him its Distinguished Service Award.  He has been a guest lecturer at universities and spoken at regional, national, and international conferences.  Currently, he is on contract with Iron Mountain, turning country-specific retention schedules into global retention schedules.

Here is a link to his presentation Information Governance – Practical Application  A two part look at IG:  why organizations need stakeholders to work together and organize their IG program.


September 20, 2016

Deena Farver, ERM, BPM /Manager, On-Site Professional Services from Iron Mountain

Here is a link to her presentation Risk Framework – a proven approach to monitoring and measuring risk across your enterprise as well as the White Paper she referenced during her talk.