Chapter Membership

Membership Information

The Milwaukee Chapter of ARMA International has promoted and served the needs of southeastern Wisconsin records and information management professionals for over a half-century.

ARMA Milwaukee’s membership roster includes records managers, information technology staff, consultants, archivists, educators, vendors, and other professionals.

ARMA membership is a wise investment for those interested in the field of records and information management, because members can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • continuing education,
  • professional and technical publications,
  • networking opportunities,
  • legislative awareness,
  • career opportunities,
  • and certification guidance.


To join the ARMA Milwaukee Chapter there’s just one requirement – membership in ARMA International!

You can learn more about ARMA International, apply for membership, or renew a membership, at ARMA International

If you have questions about any of the above please Email the Board.

Currently, the annual ARMA International membership fee is $175 annual for the professional membership and $95 annually for the associate membership. To become part of the ARMA Milwaukee Chapter, the annual fee is $30.

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