Name: Judy

Hello everyone!

I am looking for comments/feedback from anyone who has gone through a media conversion project converting microfilm/microfiche jackets to digital.  We have a goal to convert some of our records and intend to destroy the microfilm following successful conversion, so I have questions related to the successful management of a project like this.

  1. Please describe your microfilm conversion project and what types of media you converted.
  2. Was the conversion work performed at your location or at a vendor location?
  3. What percentage of the converted images did you review as a double check?
    1. Did you start at a certain level of quality check and were you able to scale it back after some time?  Please explain.
  4. Were any images on film missed for conversion, and if so, how were these identified and resolved?
  5. How much effort was required managing microfilm going out/coming back, retrievals against microfilm at the vendor, and reviewing the converted images received?
  6. Did you have to retrieve any documents during the project? If so, how well did that process go?
  7. Did you use a courier service for transporting records to the vendor?  Did it work well? Please describe the process used.
  8. Overall, what went well?
  9. What didn’t go as well as expected?
  10. Is there anything you would do differently?  Any recommendations for success?

Thank you so much for considering providing input on your media conversion project.  All comments are very much appreciated!

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